My Story

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Iowa State University in 2010. Throughout my undergraduate career, I became more and more drawn to neuropsychological research. I began working with a professor in a psycholinguistics lab at Iowa State and had the opportunity to continue this work post graduation. During this time, I completed graduate coursework in behavioral neurology and neuropsychology.

I was accepted to the graduate program at Governors State University in 2012. While I completed the requirements for this program, I engaged in additional elective work including mindfulness and trauma-informed therapy. I earned my Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology in 2014. 

My diverse work experience has allowed me to grow into the therapist I am today. I began work with adolescents transitioning out of the DCFS system in the city of Chicago providing trauma-informed individual and group therapy. I transitioned to the suburbs to work with younger adolescents in a therapeutic day school providing more behavioral and life-skill interventions. I had the opportunity to gain experience in a private practice setting before entering my own in 2020.

As you experience my website and continue your search for a well-fitting therapist, please let me know if there is anything further about my experience, credentials, or education that would be helpful to know.